Thursday, July 09, 2009

Trip to Seville with a baby

With not too much preparation as usual... bought an a bit too old city guide the day before and off we go.... so first of all we didn't know there were direct flights from Copenhagen to Sevilla (with Air Berlin) so we travelled with SAS via Barcelona. We used a lift instead of the baby björn

and packed our stroller in an airshell bag (too bad these huge bags don't have little rolling wheels). I breastfed our boy at each take off and landing, seemed to work quite well.

Arrival to a nice little flat in the barrio of la Macarena - first buy on site : a sombrilla for the stroller, an indispensable

then a tour at the tourism office to have an idea of what tourist attractions were stroller-friendly which equals to say wheelchair-friendly -we found out it was ok to breastfeed in cafes – but I nonetheless used this technique to make it more private:

More about it on my "private breastfeeding post"

And here are the sites we could visit without any problem with the stroller:

  • The Cathedral : there is a changing room for the baby

  • The Alcazar though we could not visit all the rooms with the stroller

  • Iglesia San Luis del Gran Poder – there is a restaurant on the plaza ”El Sardinero”

  • Fine Arts Museum (sevillian painters)

  • Mercado de Triana, there is a ramp just at the end of the "Elisabeth II" bridge

  • We especially liked the atmosphere at the Plazoleta Bodega, C. San Juan de la Palma because there is a playing park for children and the restaurant was full of local families

  • The alameda de Hercules is surrounded by cafes and a lively, family friendly atmosphere in the evenings (22:00)

Our daily schedule was to visit in the morning from 10:00 to 13:00, eat at around 14:00 and if we were still in town at 15:00 take a taxi home as it starts to get really warm by that time. Then it was ”siesta time” and we were out again at 18:00 to enjoy the cool breeze before the sunset - some shops open until 21:00.


alejna said...


I just came across your blog while working on a planning my family's upcoming trip to Spain. We'll be visiting Barcelona, and then Sevilla for about a week. I have a 3-year-old and a one-year-old, and we'll be taking the stroller. Thanks so much for posting this info!

I have a question about transportation, though. You mentioned taking the taxi. Did you use a baby carseat? Do people take babies in taxis without carseats, or do taxi companies ever have them? I'm trying to determine whether we should bring the carseat for the one-year-old, or if we can make do without it.

Thanks for any advice!

nkitkat said...

Hi Alejna, I'm glad this info is useful to someone, I had a very nice time in Sevilla and I loved the evening atmosphere.
To answer your question, we used a stroller which had a detachable cot (ABC stroller pram) and we took it in the back seat of the taxi and the rest folds and was put in the trunk. It didn't seem that there was any requirement for having a car seat for the baby.. but I know what you mean, here in Denmark it's mandatory !

nkitkat said...

Oh and forgot to mention, actually I saw many people strolling with their car seat actually (cos it's so warm it's quite convenient) I know the bugaboos can use a car seat as a cot.

alejna said...

Thanks so much for the reply! That's quite helpful.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting this info about Seville with a baby - we are planning it too, I was looking on internet for tips and came across yours - very nice blog!

Molly Casto said...

Thanks for a great post. We leave for Seville with our 10 month old in 3 weeks. Is it worth having a stroller or do the cobblestone streets make it bumpy? If yes, is there a type of stroller that is better? We're also bringing our carseat because we can have our little guy sleep in it on the plane (red-eye). We're not too excited to lug it around, though. Oh well!

nkitkat said...

Hi Molly, sorry for the late reply. I think it is worth having a stroller if you spend a lot of time outside, sight-seeing etc... I would recommend a narrow one because some of the sidewalks are quite narrow, like bugaboo, or an umbrella, some have car-seats adapters. Good luck with the flight and have a nice time in Sevilla :)

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