Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cherry on top Award!

I just learned today that I have been tagged for the "Cherry on top Award" what a fantastic news! It comes from Christine - Frk Turkis, thanks so much for the Award! She does totally amazing things with her sewing machine, I am very honoured :-)

The Award consists in mentioning 3 things one likes about oneself and give the Award to 3 other bloggers, so here are the 3 things I like about myself :

- that I have such a fantastic baby boy
- such an amazing partner in life (lucky me)
- and that I always at least try, even when times are tough, to improve myself in many ways

The 3 nominees are:
Lille Bitte Fnug: for her new but oh so inspiring blog
MollyMy: for the very nice and delicate creations
Lille a : for the great energy that comes out of her crafty experiences with her children


MollyMy said...

Tusind tak fordi du har givet mig en award, jeg er meget glad og stolt.
Kh Birthe

Frk.TURKIS said...

Jeg synes bestemt du fortjener prisen - og tak for dine pæne ord.

Bedste tanker fra Christine

nkitkat said...

Hi Mollymy tak for din kommentar, er glad at du kunne godt lide det :-)

Christine mange tak til dig og for dine besøger :-)

lilla a said...

Tak! Det blev jeg glad for!

nkitkat said...

Hi Lilla a, tak for din besøg, din galaxy project er simpelthen såååååå fantastik, well done :-)