Sunday, July 19, 2009

Angel Care Blespand - billig refill - Angelcare Nappy Disposal System - cheap refill cassette-

Jeg har købt en angel care blespand og fandt på internettet en rigtig god billig refill ide fra ayl@ på "" forum, hermed deler jeg min måde at gøre det:

This is what an Angel Care Blespand looks like
I used an original empty refill and made an incision on the exterior layer (I stopped 1,5 cm from the bottom)
I used ayl@'s trick of the waste plastic bag, the ones that have the plastic straps to close them, I shirr the bag until it's closed as seen on the picture

And then introduce both straps in the incision, this will keep the bag in place

I then insert the opening bag all around the refill between the exterior and interior layer with my fingers (that requires a bit of practice to make it fast).
Here is the finished product
Then I insert the refill in the bin with the two plastic straps of the waste bag in one of the corners of the bin as shown on the picture.

Final result


Anonymous said...

wow... great idea

how does it smell ???
does the other plastic bag protect you from the smell as good as the original one?

dd said...
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nkitkat said...

Hi there, the other plastic bag would not prevent the smell as the lid is not airtight but from experience I would say that each type of bag doesn't last more than 2 days so I never really felt uncomfortable with the smell.

Now that my baby has grown and needs less changing I use a fragranced nappy bag like so ( before putting it in the angelcare, hope it helps :-)

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