Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kurt baby doll

In a Panduro shop in Copenhagen, I saw this very nice craft idea, took a pic and tried to reproduce it at home. My son loves it, especially because it's sooo big compared to him :-)

Here is the original

I cut twice the following parts in different fabrics: the body - the arms - the legs - and the head

Adorned the body with scraps, added some eyes and a smile to the face and glued 8 cm long wool threads on the top of the head

After sewing the legs and the arms right sides together leaving an opening to turn them inside out and filled them with stuffing material, I placed the parts on the body facing up and covered it with the back of the body facing down. Pinned it and sewed leaving the top of the body open to turn it inside out.

Sewed the head, turned it inside out, stuffed it and then attached it to the body with hand stitches

Bobito and Kurt

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Top 3 websider til den nybagte mor

Har du nogle spørgsmål omkring din babys helbred, udvikling eller adfærd? Her vil du sikkert finde svaret:

Keder du dig hjemme, vil du udnytte den tid du har imens du er på Barsel, her er en opdateret webside hvor man kan finde mange ideer til aktiviteter med børn:

Hvis du lige som mig er helt fortabt her i Denmark fordi du
overhovedet ikke ved hvad der er cool eller ej.. her er en fantatisk blog der hjælper dig til at blive ajour med alle de nye ting der laves til babyer:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mei-Tei - tutorial

I have been looking for new ways to carry my baby - I am currently using the baby björn but I find it a bit tough on my back and can't wear it for too long, I thought the best would be to carry my baby like a backpack and found out that the Mei-Tei could do that. There is a person in Denmark that does super nice Mei-Teis but are a bit expensive (Kleinsmekker)...and I was afraid to buy once more a new item that would not serve my needs like soooo many other things I've bought for the baby in the past... So I decided it would be safer to start with a "homemade version" made out of old curtains with the help of this great tutorial from Jan Andrea. I've taken some pictures along the way to illustrate the process:

I started by cutting two pieces for the body - a big square (mine measured 50 cm X 50 cm) I added a little half ellipse on top to give it that curved look

8 long stripes (1m60 X 13 cm)

Cut 2 "padding" fleece (30cm X 13cm), that I attached to the two shoulder straps (the padding stripe is folded in two on the picture)

I sew the stripes two by two right sides together, left an opening to turn them inside out and machine stitch 0,5 cm from the border

Then I placed the stripes on the body of the Mei-Tei (right side facing up)

and covered it with the "lining" of the Mei-Tei body, right side facing down. Secured with pins, sew 1 cm from the border of the fabric and left a little opening to turn the whole thing inside out. Topstitch to secure the straps.

And voilà

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

M-Budget Baby Bib

I was desperatly in need of more bibs for my baby and decided to recycle an old towel we had in our closet

I reproduced the pattern of a bib I like on a piece of paper and cut a few shapes from the towel

Then I did some bias tape (easy with this tool you see on the first picture) and then applied it all around the bib

And here is the result - I have to say I like the texture of these bibs because they absorb very well the water that unavoidably will drop from my sweetie pie's mouth