Thursday, September 02, 2010

Scrap month contribution

Once again Frk Turkis came up with a great idea: the scrap month ! So here is my little contribution: I took the idea from ComfortStitching - scrap happy lounging , illustrated the steps with some pics and used the project as an applique to this cute shoebag from (tutorial) .

Here it goes: the final result

1. my bunch of fabric scraps

2. a matching thread

3. an elephant template that I drew on the wrong side of a piece of fabric

4. on the right side of the fabric I started sewing my little fabric scraps in a random way

5. until the whole area was covered

6. then I cut out the elephant

7. Applied it on the piece of fabric (applique) that I used to make the shoebag

and done!

PS: sorry for the quality of the pics sth went wrong with my cam...

1 comment:

Frk.TURKIS said...

Hvor er det en skøn elefant! Rigtig god stofrester-idé og tak for tutorial :-)
Linket er gemt til scraps-update.