Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crafty weekend

Mr. Guapo recently purchased this book "Leg & lær, 1001 sjove aktiviteter til børn fra 0-6 år" because it was assessed that we need to stimulate our child... mmm.. so here we are Mr. Cutie Pie and I trying to make a tambourine :

First we gathered two paper plates on which he could draw

Then according to the book we had to take some cornflakes, let him put them on one of the plate, but what actually happened is him almost eating all the cornflakes...

so after some tough battle to get them on the plate and not in his mouth, I quickly sealed the two plates together with some hot glue.

Again according to the book one has to then play with the tambourine with some background music and show to the child how to beat the rythme, what actually happened is him desperatly trying to open it and get to the cornflakes

He eventually opened the damn tambourine! Stakkels lille dreng :-)

PS: on my book the authors are Dr. Roni Cohen Leiderman and Dr. Wendy S. so I assume there is an english version, the curious thing is that on the web I found the same book with the same cover pictures where the author is Susan Elisabeth, go figure

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