Monday, August 01, 2011

30 days photo challenge

Just saw this nice post by Julia, The Vintage Hausfrau on a photo challenge, sounds very creative so I think I will try to hop on the wagon, I'll be posting my pictures on dailybooth - renamed dailykat by me (which appears on the right corner of the blog), hope more of you will want to join :-)

Edit: Just realised that the challenge has been originally launched by Sherry and Jennifer, you can leave a comment on her post if you want to let her know you are participating :-)


Julia Hausfrau said...

Fedt du også er med, men hvor skal jeg kigge, siger du? Og fedt du fandt skaberen bag idéen :)

dd said...
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nkitkat said...

Hi Julia, ja tak glaeder mig til at se alle vores indlaeg fordi der er saa mange der deltager :-)
Du kan kun se se mine fotos paa min blog pa den hoejre side hvor der staar "Dailykat" ellers gaa paa