Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fabric houses game

A new game for my son, big fabric houses to place next to each other, attached by a velcro "scratch" which creates this beautiful "christianshavn canal" scenery :-)

On the side of each house, I have sewed some velcro scratch and the bottom of the houses are filled with a bag full of lenses so that they would stand on their own.


First the pattern: one can use any shape of house, note that the distance x on the "front/back of the house" piece, is to be reported on the pattern of the "side of the house" like shown on the pictures.

First I choose two fabrics that I sew together to make the front/back pieces and the roof, same for the side pieces of the house

I then cut the pieces with 5 mm of seam allowance. Cut the decorations and start sewing them on the front pieces

Sew two velcro straps on the side pieces

 Then I sew all four sides together along the dotted line. I don't sew until the end of the roof piece but stop 5 mm before the end.

And finally the bottom/base. I cut a square that was 1cm larger than the measurement of the width of the house (including 2x5mm seam allowance). Then pin and sew only from seam to seam, so as to be able to sew 3 sides - as per the orange dotted line.

Finished result, that needs to be turned inside out, from the fourth side of the base that has been left open

Now I sew a little cushion, with two squares of the same dimension as the one cut for the base, I sew it along the green dotted line, cut the corners, turn it inside out

Fill it with lenses and machine stitch along the yellow dotted line

I then fill the house with filling material, until it is fully stuffed. Then I insert the "lenses bag" at the bottom and handstitch the opening.



lilla a said...

These are very cute! SUch a nice idea!

nkitkat said...

Thanks :-D

Christine K. said...

very god idea, I like it.


nkitkat said...

Thanks Christine :-)

lisbonlioness said...

Genius! I want some for myself, never mind the kids! :)

nkitkat said...

lol lisbonlioness thanks for your visit, looking forward to see some examples on your blog :-)