Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kostum til fastelavn

Fastelavn again, this time the creche is making a little party for the kids, exciting! This year our little angel will be a pirate, until he can speak... it's mommy who decides :-D

For the hat I totally fell in love with threadbanger's episode on the pirate costume for girl tutorial,  I simplified the edges folding of the outer circle: folded three sides along the dotted lines and then stitched a little cross in the middle of the folded edge attaching it to the "inner hat"

I bought an oversized white buttoned shirt (size 12yrs old) on sale for 30 kr, cut the extra length of the sleeves and shirred the ends to give it this fluffy looks (two rows),  and also shirred (in red) the back of the shirt so that it would fit him better as it is so big (5-6 rows)
Threadbanger has a very good tutorial on how to shir fabric

I bought some black and white pants on sale and cut triangles out, to give it a worn out look

The vest is from H&M and was bought on sale, the good thing is that fastelavn comes rigth after the sales!

the sword is from filth wizardry's tutorial, a fantastic idea!

I also added a strip of red fabric across his chest to contrast with all this black and white and serve as a sword holder

En garde! 


Flo said...

Merci d'être venu me rendre visite... Je découvre ton blog et c'est plein de belles créativités... J'adore... Et qu'il est beau ton lutin...

nkitkat said...

Hello Flo merci pour ta visite et tes gentils mots :-)