Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cup of tea or cup of coffee ?

Found this super nice crocheted cup of coffee on Linsy's blog

tried to replicate it, here is what I think looks more like a cup of tea but still has this cuteness about it

the way I did it

I used this tutorial : "flat circle with single crochet " to make the bottom of the cup, ending with 18 sts.

Then crochet the first row inserting the hook only on the inside loop

For each row sc in each st, sl st in the last one , chain one
I do this about 10 times

Crochet the "yellow circle" representing the tea, the same way as the bottom of the cup

Fill the cup with filling material

I then attach the "tea cover" to the cup by crochetting bother of them together with the green yarn.
I finish off with a round of sc in each st.

Knit an I-cord for the handle and sew it on the cup

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