Friday, July 02, 2010

Boys month !

 Christine from the Frk Turkis blog has initiated a series of posts during the month of July related to Boys Stuff - the Boys Month, such a great idea, I'm looking forward to finding some nice inspiration to spoil my little boy :-)

I promised I would dedicate a post to the boys month and here is my contribution: a very boyish pram chain made of dinosaurs

I got the idea from Bettina "lille bitte fnug". I participated in a swap with her, where she gave me a very nice fabric rattle that can be seen here.

I was also very lucky to find this great cheap bed linen for kids at my local supermarket, so here we go with a little demo on how I did it :-)

I cut through the two layers of the bed linen, around the dinosaur

Put the two piece of fabric right sides together, and in between a ribbon folded in two
Sew around the edges, leave an opening at the bottom, cut slits at the curves and turn inside out

Fill in with fill stuff and sew the opening by hand

you can now populate the chain :-)

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Frk.TURKIS said...

Skøn idé og vejledning - dejligt at du vil bidrage til Boys Month :-)
Laver præsentations af din blog i morgen med link til indlægget.

Bedste tanker fra Christine*