Monday, June 07, 2010

Homemade playdough --- the one for the architects!

Some time ago Jaydensmommy on youtube made a video tutorial on how to make homemade playdough, thought it was a really nice idea! So here I am trying to reproduce it ... but... as food colorants are banned in our household (._.) I started my first batch with "ecological" wheat, that's what the braun stuff on the table is made of. As it looked a bit too boring I decided to do another batch with some blackcurrant juice (Ribena) hoping the red-bluish color would color the dough... and the result: a very weird green color, but at least it's better than white

Luckily, my son didn't care too much and indulged in playing with me - and we had a lot of fun (^_~)


lille bitte fnug said...

Det er altså en rigtig fin blog du har. Hvor er det flot dit logo som du sætter på dine billeder.

Jeg ville lige takke dig for de fine bær du har sendt mig - det havde du slet ikke behøvet, men jeg er meget glad for dem.

Jeg købte en fin lille skål på et loppemarked her i weekenden, der ligger de så fint i og pynter;O)

Tusind tak.

08jaydensmommy08 said...

so cute!! : ) Glad u guys had fun!!

nkitkat said...

Thanks Jordan for the tip and great vid!