Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Panduro lykkepose challenge

Some time ago, I went to do a razzia of lykkepose at Panduro (well by that I mean actually buying two bags...) I just can't resist the "surprise" effect...

So among other cool stuff there were a lot of .. pipe cleaners!?:^% yes and what now ?

 That is for me a quite a challenging thing to work with... so here is what I came up with... a pipe cleaner bracelet!

Cut two rectangles the size of the pipe-cleaner + seam allowance, sewed them toghether and inserted the pipe-cleaner inside - the nice thing about it is - that the bracelet can be shaped on the wrist

 Another nice idea I found on the net was this one from Practically Spent: the Pipe-cleaner stamp, great idea!

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