Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Babybag

Coming back to work but feeling like I still had to carry tons of things for baby... I needed a huge bag like the Elodie bag I used during my maternity leave but at the same time, it had to look a bit pro and not to mama like... so I copied the pattern of the Elodie detail bag on a black fabric:

as I didn't know how the bag was originally sewed together, I just sewed the ends at the shoulder and covered it with a white and black piece of fabric

Now the nice thing about this bag, is that my purse (a furla) fits very nicely, without drowning in the bag

A little pocket is handy to keep a little bottle of milk to soothe a tired baby when I have to pick him up from the daycare....

And worn, it looks like this

moreover it hangs on nicely to our umbrella stroller and as the bag and it's weight hang quite low, it doesn't imbalance the stroller

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