Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fabric Toy Box

Living with a little baby at home - I'm drowning under baby toys...and they spread very quickly all over the place... I needed to find a solution so here is my little son's new Toy box :-)

With a tutorial for "non-pro" sewers like me

First I cut 6 squares in the exterior fabric (braun), the lining (green) and the batting (white), I tried to use a strong one to help the box keep it's shape.

Then I put the lining and the exterior fabric right sides together and on top the batting as so for 5 of the squares :

For the lid I insert a ribbon between the lining and the exterior fabric as so:

Then I sew all the squares living an opening to turn them inside out, and then close it with some hand stiches.
And finally I assemble all the squares to form a cube by threading a needle with wool and stiching all the squares together as so:

And I also sewed a button

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Ainsi va la vie said...

Alors ça j'adore...je sens que je vais essayer avant la rentrée!